Organic Plant Bags Black

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Everyone loves a good plant. We love plants too. They do that thing called photosynthesis that we need. They also light up a room and make the difference in turning a living room into a cosy space.
The lovely wizards over at our In-house factory made a few out of some Waxed Ripstop in Petrol Blue. They've lined the inside with Up-cycled tent Tarpaulin making it waterproof and helping keep the floors dry when you eventually have to water them.
A lovely addition to any home! 
- Up-cycled Tent Tarpaulin -
- Waxed Ripstop -
- Small: 15cm Diameter and 14.5cm Height -
- Medium: 20cm Diameter and 18.5cm Height -
- Large: 25cm Diameter and 24.5cm Height -

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