FREE BEER With Every One Mile Radius Item Purchased

FREE BEER With Every One Mile Radius Item Purchased

We're not going to lie, you look pretty parched!

And, oh boy, do we have the offer to help you in this terrible predicament you've found yourself in.

For a limited time only with every item purchased from our One Mile Radius collection we're giving away a free can of beer. Not just any beer either, the WAWWA x Cloudwater One Mile Radius IPA - the sum of our blood sweat and tears*.

All you need to do is -

  • Pop yourself to the One Mile Radius Collection
  • Add the items to the cart you'd like to adorn at your next sesh at the local park bench 
  • Add a sup'able brewski to your cart (one for every item of clothing or accessory)
  • Head to the checkout
  • Job's a good'un.
Ok, while we admit this isn't the simplest of processes to get your hands on a beer, one could say (us) some things in life are worth a little bit of graft and a can of inspiring IPA is definitely one of them. 
Once you get your well earned tinny send us a pic and you never know we might just send you another to keep the good times rolling.
*Beer neither contains blood, sweat nor tears

**Offer ends 12:00 (midday) Monday 10th July (BST).

***You must be 18 to get your grubby lil' mitts on the beer.

**** UK orders only