WAWWA | Growing Amok

WAWWA | Growing Amok
The Spring/Summer ‘21 ‘Growing Amok’ collection is inspired by the noisy, complex, visual aesthetic of the jungle. The collection name is taken from the phrase 'running amok', applying the wild, overgrown, jungle inspiration to a more familiar rewilding concept.
The seasonal theme not only applies to allowing nature to thrive, but to reconnecting a modern society – both rural and urban – with wilder nature...human rewilding.
Since the pandemic, an increased importance of green space and escaping into nature has been realised. With travel restrictions in place cities have been under pressure to re-evaluate plans, with places such as Manchester where we're based, now turning land that was earmarked for development into city parks and community green space so that people can experience and live in these new, rewilded landscapes.
We shot our latest collection in a local park as well as in a studio in the 200 year old mill that sits next to our offices. Keeping it local and supporting local businesses where we can. I mean we would have loved to travel to a jungle in Costa Rica or Mexico, well anywhere really, but Covid has put a stop to that for now...so we'll just make do with Manchester!
 WAWWA SS21 Campaign shot