Jonah Composition


  • 320gsm Heavyweight Organic Cotton - Manufactured out of our factory in India that uses renewable energy. Organic cotton is far better for the environment than using cotton that is farmed conventionally. Cotton farming accounts for 16% and 7% of the world's insecticide and pesticide use respectively, not to mention the intense irrigation from water sources to farmland that destructs farmland. We are mindful of that, so to prevent further damage of the environment and farmers, we exclusively use GOTS certified organic cotton. 
  • Organic Cotton Ripstop Pocket and Collar - We haven't slacked on the details either. The ripstop fabric used for the collar and utility pocket are also composed of organic cotton. 
  • Fair Trade Approved - Just as the environment deserves to be treated fairly, so do the people on this planet. Each person that plays a part in producing our garments is paid fairly and they aren't subjected to poor working conditions, unlike the manufacturers of other brands. 


  • Recycled Plastic YKK Zip - we refrain from using any form of plastic on the whole. However, when we do, we ensure that it is recycled. Case in point, our recycled PET zips. Just as durable as those made from virgin plastics, these zips are sure to keep your valuables safe when wearing this lovely Jonah. 
  • Corozo Nut Buttons - most buttons are made from plastic, we don't like plastic as stated above. So we choose to use the most sustainable alternative, Corozo nuts. These grow on the Tagua trees of Ecuador and are only harvested when they naturally fall to the ground. They are extremely durable and each tree can yield thousands of buttons from each harvest. 
  • Recycled Polyester Labels - they probably go unnoticed, but labels are an essential component of every garment. They're typically made from polyester, a plastic based material. You won't catch us using virgin plastics, so all of our labels made from recycled polyester.