Black Friday and Cyber Weekend

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend
Well what a Black Friday and Cyber Weekend it has been! At times it felt like we were running around like headless chickens trying to fulfil your orders and staring at screens for what felt like days-straight trying to tally all of the additional donations we’ll be making as a result of your purchases. But while it has been stressful at times, we have been completely overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response to our 1+2 offer. And amongst all of the chaos of the commercial “holiday” of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we realised that we had received our 20,000th order ever from our site - something we didn’t think we’d achieve in 2020 having started 2016.
We’ve never been fans of Black Friday so we wanted to create an offer that was sort of an antidote to the normal unnecessary consumerism that takes place - and so the 1+2 offer was created. So for every item bought from our Black Friday Collection - a mishmash of Black items of clothing , existing Sale and our normal 1+1 collection - we would double our donations to those less fortunate this winter.  We then made a simple guide to how this would work for the items normally not in our 1+1 collection (this is where tallying the additional items to be donated became slightly more difficult): 
One pair of socks = Two pairs donated
One hat = Two hats donated
One face mask or face mask pouch = Two pairs of socks donated
One scarf = One pair of socks and one hat donated
One t-shirt or bag = Two hats and one pair of socks  donated
One shirt =  Two hats and one pair of socks donated
One hoody, sweat or Jonah = Two hats and two pairs of socks donated
Utility vest, sherpa vest or Jenson= Two hats and three pairs of socks donated
One pair of trousers = Two hats and two pairs of socks donated
As a result of the purchases from this collection we will be donating… 
....drum roll please…

 387 Beanies and 690 Pairs of Socks! 1077 items of clothing in total!

So thanks to you lot 387 heads will be kept warm this winter and 690 pairs of feet will be kept cosy (that’s 6,900 toes to be exact). Anyway we just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who made this possible and also huge love to all of the people buying from our store that amounted to 20,000 orders over the last four years.