Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Another December has arrived, quicker than the last one and with it renewed hope that this year, we might have a normal Christmas. Seeing loved ones, eating cheese with grapes and cranberries, thanking your mum for finding vegan pigs and blankets, watching dodgy films that wouldn’t fly at any other time of year, trying to avoid any type of political conversation with your slightly racist great Uncle, you know, doing that kind of stuff.

We all know that a key part of that is the joy of giving and receiving gifts. Christmas shopping is part of the fabric of consumerism, it's one of the key tenets that keeps it going year after year. 

We've therefore tried to collate a range of items, some our own and some from other businesses, that we think will hit the spot with a nice wide range of people.

So without further ado, here's some stuff you can buy that will work for almost anybody. 

Water Bottle + Holder

You’ve heard of Klean Kanteen right? They’ve been making re-usable water bottles for a considerable period of time. Well, we’ve got some of those and added on a macrami Bottle holder, making it easy to carry around with you. Each one uses a variety of knots to create the holder, which having road tested one for the past year, we can safely say is something that you would never think you’d need, until you start using one and then you wonder how you ever went without.

Click here to view - £44



Hydro Herbs

It’s always nice to have something to do in those strange days between Christmas and New Years. Whilst it’s great to sit around in your dressing gown for the majority of the day, it’s also satisfying to put something together. Like a jigsaw puzzle, or some Lego, or in this case some hydroponically grown herbs. 

Available in a variety of flavours, you can give the gift of slightly tastier food in about 4-6 weeks, once they grow. Each kit takes around 10-20 minutes to put together and for those who haven’t grown something from seed before, it’s a pretty great feeling to see those green shoots pop out. Just make sure whoever you give them to has a reasonably sunny windowsill to put them in! 


Plant Holders

Plants are pretty great, what’s not so great? Plant pots. Make them look more attractive with one of our plant holders. Each one is made using waxed cotton fabric with old tent groundsheets that were scooped up from old festivals. The come in three sizes, meaning there’s one for all plants (probably).

Click here to view - from £10 - £28

Organic Sock Multipacks

It can’t be denied that every person is happy to receive socks for Christmas. Once the butt of jokes for unwanted gifts, as we age they become a complete treat. And what finer treat than a pair of our organic socks, sumptuous on your feet and we’ll donate a black pair to someone less fortunate as part of our 1+1 collection.

Click here to view - from £26 - £60

Recycled Logo Scarf + Beanie Set

And the 1+1 collection follows through nicely into this scarf and beanie combo. Made from 100% recycled yarn, right in the heart of Manchester, this pairing is available in multiple colours meaning that you can pick the right one for their personality. The scarf is a heavyweight wonder whilst the hats will perch perfectly on any head.

Click here to view - £56



Offcut Snood

Face coverings don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so why not treat someone's face to luxurious organic cotton snood which will cover their face and keep it warm. Plus they will be safe in the knowledge that it was made using offcuts from our in house jersey production, meaning it’s low impact and whoever put it together was paid above the real living wage.

Click here to view - £12



Travel Sewing Kit 

Give the gift of fixing for Christmas. OK, that doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, but these handily put together kits consist of all the essentials needed to fix an emergency hole in the crotch, a metal tin and a waxed organic cotton carry case. Plus they’ll be able to hone their skills by watching some of our upcoming videos on mending things. Circularity baby!

Click here to view - £15

Trapper Hat and Muffler Scarf Set

The peak of cosy outdoor wear, each muffler scarf has water resistant waxed cotton one side and a sherpa lining on the other. There are pockets in each side (complete game changer) and the hat similarly has a waxed outer with sherpa lining. We also throw in a reproofing spray with each set, meaning the lucky recipient will be able to re wax these beauties and keep them functional for years to come.

Click here to view - £88

Crossbody Shoulder Pouch

A simple utilitarian bag for everybody. Fits the essentials and looks great doing it. Available in 4 colours, but act fast as they are selling out. 

Click here to view - £39

Organic Wallet

Another perfect little holder for your cards and cash. Comes with zip fastening, key holder for your keys (what a surprise) with a branded wooden key ring. Made in house, right in the heart of Manchester’s old cotton district.

Click here to view - £25

Gift Cards

Play it safe and let them decide. Order one of our gift cards and get it emailed to you instantly. Available in £20 and £50, you can also buy multiple if you want to really treat them.

Click here to view 

And some other ideas from some other places:

Le Social Wine

Organic Wine From Le Social

There was craft beer, then there was craft gin and well now there’s organic wine. Get somebody a bottle of the stuff that’s on everyones lips. We recommend our good mates at Le Social who offer a great selection with either delivery or collection from their Manchester shop. 

Click here to visit Le Social



Something beautiful to read from Rare Mags

The best shop we manage to go to on a semi regular basis, a wonderful range of magazines, books, publications and all things printed are available online or from their Stockport store.

Click here to visit Rare Mags



Mushroom Grow Kit

Mushroom Growing Kit

Made using old coffee grounds, these grow your own mushroom kits are ace. Watching mushrooms grow and then having the joy of eating them is really a wonderful thing. If you haven’t been convinced about mushrooms, then we thoroughly recommend watching Fantastic Funghi.