How To Set Up Your Hydro-Herb

How To Set Up Your Hydro-Herb

How To Set Up Your Hydro-Herb (use in conjunction with video)

Equipment needed: 

  • Small bowl
  • Water
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil or pen

1 - Your first job is to hydrate one of the Jiffy Pellets. Fill a small bowl with water and place the pellet in the water (dimple side up). Leave for 6-8 minutes or until it stops swelling.

2 - While the pellet is hydrating, take the capillary matting wick and fold in half. Use a pencil or pen to push the folded wick down the neck of the bottle just leaving a little wick sticking out of the neck.

3 - Now stand the top part of the wine bottle back in the base. Take a dozen or so pebbles and place them around the wick and then push the wick flat

4 - Cut away some of the material from the top of the Jiffy Pellet - revealing more soil - then gently place the hydrated tab onto the wick in the centre of the bottle top.

5 - Finally take some of the remaining pebbles and place them around the side of the Jiffy pellet but NOT on top.

6 - Take the seeds from the sachet and sprinkle some or all of them onto the Jiffy pellet.

Depending on the Herb germination can take between 7-14 days, if kept in the proper conditions

7 - Briefly lifting the top section of the bottle, squeeze 7/8 droplets of nutrients fluid and then fill with water (roughly to the bottom of the front label, but making sure the bottom of the wick is submerged.

8 - Put on a windowsill with plenty of light and wait for your new plant babies to grow!