IN FOCUS | Ltd Edition Cloud Camo Capsule Collection

IN FOCUS | Ltd Edition Cloud Camo Capsule Collection
The WAWWA Spring/Summer '21 collection takes inspiration from the vibrant eco systems of biodiverse jungles. At high altitudes in the jungle the dense forest, tangled vegetation and tall trees through which little light can penetrate become a mysterious world veiled in mist. It’s this ‘Cloud Forest’ that helped us create our capsule of the season...The Cloud Camo Collection.   

The limited edition capsule collection features bespoke, large scale camo (designed in house) printed on organic canvas and ripstop. The majority of the pieces in the range have been made in our own factory in Manchester and includes a; Trousers, Shorts, Jonah Rugby Shirt, T-Shirts, Jay Cap, Cross Body Bag and Face Mask.

The trousers and shorts come with a built-in drawstring waistband with toggle fastening and the bag features an antimicrobial hemp strap.

The Organic Jonah rugby shirts are made in Portugal and are individually hand-dyed in the UK, resulting in a completely unique finish to every piece. The lively print uses an overlaying dye technique to achieve its camo print.

We're extremely proud of our first Capsule Collection and are excited to once again expand the production of garments in our Micro-Factory in Manchester UK. Our Mission is to create a capsule completely made at WAWWA HQ.

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