IN FOCUS | The Sky Camo Collection

IN FOCUS | The Sky Camo Collection

Introducing the Limited Edition Sky Camo Collection for Summer '23

We couldn't be more excited to unveil our highly anticipated collection, featuring the vibrant and captivating Sky Camo print. Elevating our popular Ezra Shirt, Cargo Pants, Cargo Shorts and Pebble Bag, these limited edition pieces are set to take your summer wardrobe to new heights.

Crafted with care in our independent micro factory in Manchester, UK, by workers paid a real living wage, each item in the collection is meticulously handcrafted from BCI Cotton and Halley Cotton Canvas. We believe in using materials that minimize damage to the environment and ensure maximum durability.

The Sky Camo print draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of summer. The khaki print captures the essence of fresh morning sunrises, while the blue print represents the vibrant daytime skies. For those magical twilight moments, the purple print pays homage to the enchanting transition from sunset to navy and pink skies.

Sky Camo Shirts

Let's dive into the standout pieces of the collection. The loose fit Sky Camo Ezra Shirt is a true summer essential. With its Cuban collar, corozo nut buttons, and single front pocket, it effortlessly combines style and comfort. What makes each shirt truly unique is the hand-dyed tie-dye process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind finish. The corozo nut buttons, made from malleable vegetable ivory, develop their own distinct character through the dyeing process too.

Sky Camo Cargo Shorts & Pants

Our best-selling Cargo Pants and Shorts get a fresh twist with the Khaki Sky Camo print. Maintaining the relaxed fit and durable specifications that our customers love, they now come with the added allure of the individually dyed camo-style print on lightweight cotton canvas. Practical and stylish, they are ready to accompany you on all your summer adventures.

Completing the collection is the lightweight Sky Camo Pebble Bag. Designed for convenience and security, it's perfect for carrying small, important items. Featuring a paracord drawstring closure and a handy keyring.

At WAWWA, we are dedicated to making sustainable choices. That's why we carefully select materials with minimal impact on the environment and maximum durability. Here are some of the choices we made for this collection:

  • Organic Cotton: Our BCI Cotton is organic, using approximately 70% less water and free from harmful pesticides. This protects valuable water and soil resources while keeping farmers away from harmful chemicals. It also generates fewer greenhouse gases, reducing air pollution.

  • Corozo Nut Buttons: We proudly use corozo nut buttons, also known as nature's ivory. Sourced from the Ecuadorian rainforest, these nuts are naturally dropped and collected by local communities. This provides employment opportunities while preserving the rainforest.

  • Recycled PET: Our labels are made from recycled plastic, giving a new life to plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

  • Vegan: WAWWA clothing is completely free of any animal products, aligning with our commitment to cruelty-free fashion.

With their eye-catching designs, the Limited Edition Sky Camo Collection is a true testament to our passion and dedication. Whether you're lounging on a Cuban beach with a refreshing Mojito, chilling at a beachside BBQ in Formby, or eagerly awaiting the festival season, these garments are the perfect attire for your summer adventures.

Available in limited numbers, grab your favourite pieces from the Sky Camo Collection quickly before they're gone!

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