Is Game Of Thrones About Climate Change?

Is Game Of Thrones About Climate Change?

Game of Thrones is one of those things where you probably watch it, started watching it then stopped because you couldn’t get into it or you don’t want to get into it because everyone talks about it and you’re too cool for that.

When something fictional grips so many people, there’s normally an underlying theme which appeals to almost everybody, even if we aren’t able to consciously explain why.

Harry Potter; everyone probably wants to believe they’re secretly special and have a reason why they’ve felt different all along.

Star Wars; a story about light, dark, balance and the oneness of the universe.

The Matrix; we probably are living in a simulation?

There’s more, but we’ve got an imaginary word count that needs to be met.

Game Of Thrones, while there is loads of violence, unexpected twists, dragons, sex and manipulative political power battles, there is also an underlying theme which isn’t immediately obvious.

That is climate change.

Yes the white walkers are a metaphor and all the great houses squabbling over everyday stuff, like power, land etc. They are all just our politicians, governments and corporations vying for power whilst ignoring our greatest threat.

Climate change.

Don't believe us? George RR Martin said so himself