WAWWA | Unseen In-Between


The North York Coastal Moors formed the backdrop to our latest campaign shoot...the closest location to us that nods to the arctic tundra environment that inspired the collection. 

At WAWWA we take inspiration from what's happening around our planet, especially from nature. Tundra ecosystems have formed the basis of our inspiration this season; treeless regions found in both the Arctic and mountainsides.

Global warming is having an adverse effect on the Arctic tundra landscape with continual melting ice caps contributing to increasing rising sea levels. This process is common knowledge, however the knock on effects of large reserves of methane being released in the process are not so well known.  This has exponentially sped up the effects of climate change.  

Most of the year the Tundra tends to be covered in snow. Come summer, the landscape explodes into colour. We've taken our colour inspiration from the wildflowers that flourish in contrast to their harsh environment, as well as introducing new styles to help with layering yourself this season.

Drops from the Unseen In-Between Collection are available to buy now, with further styles launching throughout the season.