WAWWA x Cloudwater Collaboration - One Mile Radius

WAWWA x Cloudwater Collaboration - One Mile Radius
We’re excited to announce that we have joined forces with our neighbours at Cloudwater Brew Co, an innovative craft brewery, to create a unique collaboration that pays homage to Manchester's independent, small-scale manufacturing industries. This partnership combines our expertise and passion for sustainability and ethical production to introduce an exclusive clothing collection and a refreshing craft beer, both proudly made within a one-mile radius of each other in Manchester.
A Fusion of Sustainable Style and Artistic Flair:
The collaborative clothing range seamlessly blends our signature styles with Cloudwater's artistic flair, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind collection. By incorporating Cloudwater's artwork, the range showcases an earthy-toned print that is actually a magnified image of beer, offering a fresh perspective on the beverage. The standout print is locally printed onto fabric in Manchester and  crafted into garments in our micro-factory. The print can be seen as an all-over design across various pieces, including the Ezra Cuban Shirt, Zama Shorts, Jay Cap, and Boonie hat. Additionally, the collection features graphic prints on our soft organic t-shirts and hoodies.
WAWWA x Cloudwater Collaboration 'One Mile Radius' Ezra Shirt in Terrain Print
Beer-Inspired Accessories for On-the-Go:
Our popular Half Moon Bag and Lunar Tote have also received a beer lovers' update. These accessories now boast four side pockets designed to perfectly fit cans, making them ideal for beach BBQs or picnics in the park. Each piece in the collection proudly features a redesigned WAWWA logo inspired by Cloudwater's iconic branding.
WAWWA x Cloudwater collaboration 'One Mile Radius' beer bag and boonie hat
Crafting the Perfect Brew:
Parallel to the clothing range, Cloudwater Brewery introduces a bespoke craft beer brewed with passion, utilising seasonal ingredients. This bespoke beer is guaranteed to tantalise taste buds with its fresh and zesty flavour profile. Brewed with a lead hop Waimea, a modern NZ version of classic US hops, delivering citrus and pine. It represents the fusion of brewing traditions, embodying the spirit of Manchester's innovative manufacturing scene. 
Pre-Order for a Sustainable Future:
The limited-edition collaborative clothing range and specially crafted beer will be available for pre-order from 15th June to 6th July 2023, on our website as well as the Cloudwater taproom and online shop
This pre-order model aligns with our commitment to sustainability by producing only the amount of pieces that will be purchased, reducing textile waste. The fashion industry is known to overproduce by about 30-40%, and this collaboration actively contributes to a reduction in fabric and fibre consumption, water usage, energy consumption, and transportation emissions.
Order cut off date = 6th July, 23