Why Organic?

Why Organic?

When we first started making t-shirts, we made them organically. At that point, a good few years ago now, nobody cared. Whenever we told anybody, they looked back at us blankly.

Luckily since then, the amount of people concerned about the their impact on the environment has rocketed and more people are constantly getting into sustainability.

But, there are still no doubt people who don’t see the point.

So here’s some key reasons to wear organic.

  1. Organic T-shirts uses 71% less water than a conventional t-shirt. This means less unnecessary irrigation or diversion of water has been done, leaving that water to be used for more important things, like drinking.
  2. There is no artificial fertiliser used to grow the cotton. This fertiliser has a negative impact on the farmers, the local water system, the wildlife and uses a heap more CO2 to make the fertiliser.
  3. No pesticides used either! Regular cotton accounts for 16% of the worlds pesticide usage. These pesticides account for 20,000 reported deaths each year. Organic cotton avoids this.
  4. It protects the soil for years to come. By using crop rotation and mixed planting, the land and local economies are made more sustainable for years to come.

Not only does organic cotton protect the planet, it protects the people who grow it too.