Hats For The Homeless - More Info

We've also added backpacks, gloves, sweatshirts and t-shirts to the range and will be putting updated tallies here regularly as you help us on our journey. Here are some of the fantastic organisations we have donated hats and gloves to so far:

We're looking for more organisations to donate through to help increase the reach across the country, so if you know of any local organisations please let us know. We're ideally looking for shelters / organisations that can handle a donation of 150 hats, though if we can donate to smaller organisations we will do our best!

Also if you've been in touch and we haven't yet got back to you, or you are awaiting another response, just give us a gentle nudge and we'll reply straight away, just often we get lost in the mounds of emails + messages we get. 

In the longer term our goal is to grow to a point where we are able to employ somebody who is coming off the streets to work with us, your support is vital to helping us achieve that goal. 

To view what we currently have on offer, just follow the link below: