So this is almost Christmas, another gift guide, another year over and we're having lots of fun.

Writing a Christmas gift guide, I hope you have fun buying things for the near and the dear ones, the old and not too young.

Yes we stole that from a rather well known Christmas song, here's the gift guide arranged handily into three value related sections.

🤶 £30 And Under Stocking Fillers 🎅

Let them grow...

Arguably the best thing to get for Christmas, apart from Lego of course which is obviously the best, is something which they can watch grow. It's got all the magic components of a great Christmas gift:

-They can inspect it and read about it on Christmas day. Excited about what it will mean at some point in the future.

-In that boring patch between Christmas and New Year, they can do the bits required in the set, like planting the seeds or spreading the mycelium.

-In January, when it's - lets be honest - a bit naff. They will see the first shoots grow. Ah! Life! It will also provide purpose through those bleak, dark months. Watering and watching these things come to life is strangely nourishing for the soul.

-February will hopefully see something start to happen, the bleakest winter turns into spring. The soul nourishment continues (probably by this point they will have decided that they are going to get an allotment, start growing microgreens or start a mushroom factory in their spare room and watched all the accompanying youtube videos)

-March, the sun will be shining (hopefully) - the darkness of winter will slowly dissolve and (hopefully) at this point they will have something ready to eat.

Mushroom Growing Kit

Regular price€25,95


Introduce your family or friends to urban farming through giving the gift that keeps on giving!

The Oyster Mushroom growing kit has everything your gift receiver needs to start growing mushrooms at home. The kits include detailed instructions to make the experience straightforward and productive, allowing harvests of up to 5 flushes.

We have made sure that you get high-quality spawn for growth by using  a supplier who only supply the  best and most productive spawn in the world, with maximum yields in mind!

Within the kit is a spawn voucher. This system is unlike any other mushroom kit on the market and guarantees freshness, quality and high yield. When the recipient is ready, they simply scan the QR code in included in the box and you can order the fresh living spawn free of charge!

Box Contains: 

  • In-depth, easy to follow instructions and advice
  • XL Grow substrate
  • High-Quality Mushroom Grain Spawn
  • Grow environment
  • Gain access to Urban Farm It’s online learning section within the member’s area

Ideal fruiting temperatures:

  • Yellow-Gold: 15oC-22 oC
  • Pink: 18oC – 28oC
  • Elm:16oC -22oC
  • Blue-Grey: 10oC – 20oC

If  you have some outside space and you want to take your mushroom growing to the next level check out our Shitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit! 


Hydro-Herb Upcyled Planter

Regular price€23,95
Introducing Hydro-Herbs - bringing organic hydroponic Herbs into your home, grown in recycled wine Bottles.

How does it work?

Each kit contains all the parts you need to grow your chosen herb from seed, just follow the instructions and within 7 to 10 days you'll notice the seeds begin to germinate. These plants need light to grow - more light equals more rapid growth.  While this can vary you should be able to pick and use your herbs within 7- 8 weeks!

Not only that but with correct conditions Hydro-Herb can last around 2 years so you can ditch the supermarket packaged herbs and use your own.

- All parts of the kit are either recycled or biodegradable - 
- The hydroponic fluid provided is certified organic and vegan friendly - 
- The Jiffy pellets are made of coir, a sustainable substance made from coconut husk -
- For strong, long lasting and quick recovering plants, let your herb get established before harvesting - 
- Best placed on a bright windowsill - 
- Each kit comes with spare parts, just in case - 

- Around 2 weeks between water refills - 

Bags Of Joy

How about a lovely bag for a lovely loved one?

Either our pebble bag or sacoche (yes we know it's not under £30 but it's close) will work for almost anybody in almost any weather thanks to their water resistant finish.

With enough space for the essentials, these will go with any outfit and with the waxed cotton body, they will last the test of time - being infinitely reproofable when you couple them with our reproofing spray.

Travel Sewing Kit

Give someone a plant based fish substitute they can eat for a day, but teach someone how to sew ... Each kit contains enough to do just that, with a brushed stainless steel case and a hand sewn, branded carry pouch.
Yea that's not quite how the saying goes but if why not get someone of our cracking travel sewing kits? Then they can become proficient trouser repairers and become the hero at any wedding or event where a wardrobe malfunction occurs.
Each kit contains enough to do just that, with a brushed stainless steel case and a hand sewn, branded carry pouch.
Regular price€23,95
Inspired by our Manchester Factory and our DIY approach to garment creation, we've made a travel sewing kit to help you maintain your favourite pieces.
Featuring hemming web, thread, needles and incased in a pocket sized hinged tin and WAWWA pouch, this kit needs to be close by at all times to help with any rips, tears or malfunctions that may happen when you're on the go.
- WAWWA Ripstop Pouch - 
- Silver hinged tin -
- Black and White Thread - 
- Thread Snippers - 
- Hem webbing -
- Needles, Safety Pins and Pins - 
- Spare Fabric for Repairs -

Example product

Regular price€19,99
Figured out the gift but not sure what to put them in? and don't want to cram your mantel with all kinds of gaudy stockings? Look no further than the Wawwa Christmas Stocking.
🎄 £60 and Under The Tree Sitters 🎁

Graphically Different

Another staple Christmas gift, a graphic tee to sit nicely under the tree. Each one printed uniquely to order, on heavyweight organic cotton t-shirts. With a design to suit almost everybody, except probably for your Uncle Bob who's better off with a hat and a mushroom growing kit.

The Gift Of The Perfect Fit

We all know what it's like trying to buy someone clothes for Christmas, it can be a challenge to get something that person likes and that fits them well enough to wear it. Well fear not, because we think we've solved that problem.

Let them decide the colour and fit as they are guided by one of our team in a personal fitting session - either virtual or in person. We'll then make their t-shirt to order in our Manchester factory within 2 weeks. And if we don't get it spot on first time, we'll remake it a second time to make sure we get the perfect fit.

Plus, they'll have a beautiful package to open on the big day. With a hand sewn sleeve, containing a swatch of t-shirt fabric with a printed voucher + guide to book their fitting session plus a measuring tape to make sure they are fully equipped.

The Gift of the Perfect Fit

Regular price€63,95

Waterproof Messenger Bag

Another great gift for almost anybody who has any kind of commute, which many didn't for 2 years - so people are in need of bags!
Made from reproofable organic ripstop cotton in our Manchester factory, this will last for years no matter it's contents, whether laptop, books or gym kit.
Regular price€70,95

Kartis Extendable Messenger Bag

Another great gift, either for a commuter or an adventurer. The Kartis bag can be changed to 3 different sizes using the unique strap set up.
Made from reproofable organic ripstop cotton in our Manchester factory complete with contrast logo in bold, whether they're up a mountain, big hill, the beach or nipping to the shops - it's the perfect companion.
Regular price€89,95
🌟 For The Big Spenders - But Not Too Dear 🦌🦌

Picture The Scene...

Picture the scene, you're going for a Christmas Day stroll, building up an appetite for the big feast and they're wearing one of our Sully Sherpa Vests. Delighted with their wonderful gift, warmed nicely in the crisp weather. Then on boxing day, they see the extended family and are basking in the compliments they're getting on their new piece. They don't take it off untill January.

Sounds nice doesn't it? Well make it a reality and order one of our Sully Sherpa Vests today. No guarantee on the weather though...

Sully Sherpa Vest Waxed Ripstop

Regular price€178,95

Zama Pant

Regular price€121,95
Well, frankly we've run out of superlatives or attempts to sell things in a mildly amusing way. So we'll just cut to the chase.
These are the best trousers/pants around.
Comfort. Great fit. Organic materials. Fair labour. Made in the UK.
Guaranteed to be their favourite pair after the first wear.
Plus, if they don't fit them quite right - we'll alter them free of charge.
🤔 And if you still don't know what to get...

Zero Waste Fabric Gift Card

Regular price€12,95
Printed on excess fabric scraps, these are a great physical gift card for them to open on the big day.