The first t-shirts we ever made were 100% organic and it's been that way ever since. We knew that intensive farming was ruining the environment as pesticides were contaminating water, killing wildlife and wreaking havoc in a host of ways. We wanted to be part of a positive change and choosing 100% organic was the first step

The fashion industry is one of the worst polluter on this planet, so we're striving to make more of our garments climate neutral. This means they are made using energy only from renewable sources, avoiding excess CO2 creation during their production.

We work with fairtrade suppliers to ensure that everybody who is involved in the manufacturing process is paid a fair wage, as we believe that nobody should have to suffer.

We aren't motivated by money, as long as we can pay our rent, eat, continue to grow and strive to be a positive force we are more than happy. We are now a certified social enterprise, meaning we're bound to these commitments.

We don’t believe anyone or anything should suffer during the manufacturing process, which is why all of our products are now certified vegan by PETA.

When we first started selling hats, we realised we could do more than just sell hats. So we pledged to give a hat to someone unfortunate enough to be on the streets for every hat that was bought. To date, we’ve donated over 1,000 hats and we hope that figure will continue to grow.

Having spoken to those in shelters, charitable organisations and those on the streets, we realised that so much more was needed and we could do more to help. So we started ‘More Than Hats For The Homeless’ a collection of more minimally designed products, all made using the our core principles, but with the added bonus that we’ll donate another to someone more needy.

We realised we could utilise another asset to help the planet, by planting a tree every time someone orders a print we can help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Each tree planted should remove a metric tonne of CO2 during a 40 year lifespan. To date we’ve planted over 500 trees.

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