Ethical Trading Policy

WAWWA is committed to conducting business in the most ethical, legal and socially responsible manager. A key part of our trading aim is to the minimum possible damage to the planet and have as positive as possible impact on the people who inhabit it. 

This means our policy includes the following:

  • Sourcing material from sustainable sources and innovating to find ways to further minimise waste, environmental damage and make use of waste from other industries.
  • Creating products that have a life cycle that is as long as possible, including finding ways to further increase that in order to minimise ecological and environmental impact.
  • Ensure those working within our supply chain look after their staff and employees in line with EU standards, paying fair wages and having safe labour practices.
  • Take every measure to ensure no animal products are used within our supply chain
  • Work towards a point where all of our products have a complete life cycle analysis, informing customers of the entire environmental footprint of those products

This policy forms a formal part of the organisation's quality management principles and will be subsequently communicated and reviewed at regular intervals. The policy will be communicated to all relevant internal and external parties within the business. It is our commitment to continually improve through monitoring and measuring the resulting objectives and targets and the programme management of this policy.