Zama Pant Style Guide

Zama Pant Style Guide

Introducing the Zama pant, named after Jin Kazama (all you Tekken players out there will know), our latest pant made in-house at WAWWA HQ. You might know the details - made from 100% organic cotton, featuring a one piece gusset and drawstring waist - but here’s a few ways to get the most out of the WAWWA Zama Pant.

A summer’s evening nattering with friends 

Maybe you’ve made the trip abroad to mallorca to end the summer or maybe you’re enjoy the last few long days of summer sun, either way this look gives you that sunshine style with an added layer just in case it gets a bit nippy as night draws in.

Fit: Khaki Boonie, Oat Drake Overshirt, Black Harmonia T-Shirt, Natural Zama Pant, Bark and White Socks, WAWWA Recycled Blanket, Black Leaf Logo Tote. Don’t forget a nice pair of sandals with those socks too.

Winter is coming

I’m told this phrase comes from Game of Thrones (a show I’ve refused to watch) but long before George R. R. Martin was writing his soon to be famous books, people used to say the phrase around October/November time as you guest it … winter was on its way. 

Fit: Grey Pollard Jacket, Black Zama Pant, Black and White Socks, Black Messenger Bag

Ace... trousers mate (shame you forgot your P.E. Shoes)

We were going to shoot this sports-inspired look but unfortunately Tony forgot his P.E. shoes…

Thanks to the one-piece gusset the Zama pant is ready for a quick game of tennis down the park or a solid 30 mins on the Tatami. Partnered with the right shoes, socks and t-shirt, you’ll be ready to step out onto centre court (allbeit dressed like a 1930s tennis player).

Intended Fit: Natural Jay Cap, White Sunspots T-Shirt, Natural Zama Pant, White and Bark Socks, Bark Messenger Bag with Tennis Racket and Balls.

Bobbin’ around town

You might be grabbing a slice and a pint from your nearest pizza joint or sessioning your favourite bar before heading to the club, either way the Zama Pant paired with a classic piece of heavy jersey and a Crossbody Pouch gives you all the pockets you need to keep your belongings safe not to mention providing you with the perfect beer can holder for that road bev between venues. 

Fit: Black Waxed Ripstop Jay Cap, White Pocket T-Shirt, Natural Leaf Logo Hood, Black Zama Pant, Grey Crossbody Pouch, Black and White Socks.

Post-night out chiller

The Zama pant’s got your back when you’re collapsed on the sofa waiting for Netflix to auto-play the next episode of the show you’ve watched a thousand times before. Comfy enough to sleep in and respectable enough to sprint to the door for your takeaway delivery. Also for those keen-eyed among you, you’ll see our new Chumba Sweatshirt.

Fit: White Pocket T-ShirtChumba Sweatshirt, Natural Zama Pant, Bark and White Socks and the chillers on feet.

Pop a shirt on you’re going out for tea

A birthday, anniversary or dinner meeting the in-laws aren’t complete without a trou that gives you the comfort to put you at ease and make binal chit chat almost enjoyable. That’s the magic of the Zama pant - comfortability that can be worn for those more formal engagements. Chuck a shirt on and you're good to go. Just remember to give ‘em a lint roll and you’re sound. 

Fit: Black Drake Overshirt, White Pavillion T-shirt, Black Zama Pant, Black and White Socks, Natural Overgrown Logo Tote, Black Shoes.