Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants
Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

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  • BCI Cotton
  • Made in Manchester, UK
  • Workers paid the real living wage
  • 7.22 kg CO2e

Our cargo pants are a modern take on combat trousers. A relaxed fit trouser with a minor taper made entirely from BCI Cotton Canvas with crease recovery characteristics. The waistband and hem feature an adjustable toggle ensuring optimum comfort. 

They include a reinforced gusset to make them more tough, durable and enable a greater range of motion. The woven brand label offers a neat finishing touch on the rear pocket.

Available in 2 colours, both the black cargos and cargo khakis are classic and will go with any outfit whilst matching your chosen fashion.

  • Elastic Waistband with Adjustable Shock Cord Toggles
  • Large Darted Pocket on Rear & Lower Leg
  • Two Deep Side Seam Pockets
  • Adjustable Shock Cord Toggled Hems
  • Halley Stevensons Cotton Canvas
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Recycled P.E.T Labels
  • Made by us in Manchester, UK


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Product Story
Cargo Pants

We were after a pair of cargo trousers that were easy to wear, would fit into any wardrobe, extend past the current trend and suit any style. Like most combat trousers, they needed to be utilitarian, comfortable and have a collection of bold pockets making it easy to find your essentials.

They needed to be able to be dressed up or down so that they could be worn with a range of clothing, ready for a hike, cycle, to pop our shopping or to visit the pub - somewhere between jeans and chinos. Our team chose the material carefully, as we do with all new products. A BCI cotton, with water resistant qualities and crinkle resistant finish. Woven and finished in the UK.

The cargo trousers needed to be adjustable at both waist and hem. So we went for shock cord and adjustable toggles. Colour wise, who doesn't need a black cargo pant in their wardrobe? So we went for a classic black and a khaki green cargo pant.

When we sampled this, we wanted to make sure we were going to deliver on our aims for these cargo trousers, so as with all new products, we needed to check and refine until we were able to accept that we could put them up on the site, ready for you to wear.

Cargo Pants FAQs

Yes, also known as combat trousers, they can be considered casual attire. They are comfortable and practical, which makes them ideal for everyday wear. However, it is important to choose the right style of cargo pant to ensure they can be dressed to fit your personal style and be permanently on trend.

These are not specifically men's cargo trousers or just for women, they are designed to be unisex. With a distinct fit and taper carefully conisidered to be superior than your standard brands men's cargo trousers.

Cargo pants are a great option for hiking, as they are comfortable and offer plenty of storage space for all of your gear. However, be sure to choose a pair that is made from durable fabric that can withstand the elements. The dark green cargo pants will never leave you wondering what to wear with cargo pants.

Water-resistant and waterproof are terms used to describe how well a material or product can resist water. The main difference between the two is the level of protection they offer against water.

Water-resistant means that the material or product can resist the penetration of water to some degree, but not entirely. It can withstand light rain or water splashes for a short time, but prolonged exposure to water or heavy rain can seep through the material and damage the contents of the item.

Waterproof, on the other hand, means that the material or product is entirely impervious to water and will not allow any water to penetrate. It is designed to withstand heavy rain, submersion in water, or other harsh weather conditions without allowing any water to seep through.